CSF Stands for Equity and Equality

Dear CSF Family,

As we find ourselves in the midst of yet another storm with systemic racism at its center, I reach out to you to express my shared heartache and pain.

The tragic deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery fill me with unspeakable grief. Each of them has their own unique story but also shares a heartbreaking commonality that speaks to ongoing systemic racism. The vivid tragedy that we all witnessed has understandably sparked outrage, shock and sadness throughout our country. Although I am still trying to make sense of my own emotions, I grieve for their families first and foremost and for those who continue to suffer.

Grief can manifest itself in many ways. It can lead to healing and constructive action, or it can devastate and destroy. We at College Success Foundation choose to harness our grief and pain in a constructive manner and stand up against these injustices. We support the peaceful protests across the country that aim to end systemic racism and to demand more from our leaders and institutions. College Success Foundation was founded on these values. We transform lives through education and advocate for equity and equality.

George Floyd’s death was heartbreakingly tragic. We can be disappointed, we can be hurt, and we can even be angry, but we must also lead. Thousands of students rely on CSF to help them understand, comprehend and respond to moments like this. I have seen firsthand how our advisors help scholars persevere through their lowest points and celebrate when they are at their highest. CSF’s work is more important now than ever as we help our students process their thoughts, feelings and emotions towards positive change.

This has been a rough week for the country, our staff and our organization, but we are not beaten. CSF will continue to stand for what is right. We will continue to advocate for equity and equality, and we will continue to speak out for those who cannot. I know that our community of students, alumni, staff and supporters join us as we fiercely push for equal access to quality education in Washington state, the District of Columbia and across our country.

James Dorsey, President & CEO