CSF Stands for Antiracism

To those we serve and stand in partnership with:

For 20 years, College Success Foundation has been focused on closing the attainment gap with the understanding that education has the power to transform lives. While we see and challenge systemic inequities in our work, we realize that we have not done enough to dismantle them.

The crises of the last few months have caused us to re-examine our role in challenging pervasive systemic racism. As a board, we now realize that it is not enough to simply be nonracist. Going forward, we are implementing an antiracist agenda. Ibram X. Kendi defines an antiracist as one who is expressing an antiracist idea or supporting an antiracist policy through their actions.

We know that we can and must play an active role in our communities to challenge and dismantle systemic racism. This is a long journey. We recognize that we have made and will continue to make mistakes, but we are committed to listen, learn and do better.

Our board announces the following steps:

  • We are immediately investing in antiracism education for our boards and all staff. We will retain a specialist to build our capacity to address racial inequities and help us fully adopt an antiracist culture.
  • We will ask ourselves how racism has influenced how we lead and deliver our mission and leverage these insights to improve.
  • We will use our position to become thought leaders and drive change among our peers.
  • We will continue to assess how we can actively support our scholars to overcome the racist hurdles they face.
  • While our senior leadership and staff are diverse, our board is not racially diverse. We have made strides to better reflect the communities we serve, but we are committed to further diversifying the organization’s boards to reflect the people who depend on us.

Finally, we recognize the need to hold ourselves accountable. The CSF board has restructured to advance our focus on antiracism. We pledge to constantly assess our efforts and build on our capacity to drive the necessary changes. We also invite and encourage the community to hold us accountable. Our culture and actions will demonstrate our commitment to antiracism.

Black Lives Matter.


Michael Adler
Virginia Anderson
Neal Boling
George Bridges, Ph.D.
Benjamin Danielson, M.D.
Diane Dimmer
James Dorsey
Leona Dotson
Mark Dyce-Ryan
Carladenise Edwards, Ph.D.
Frank Greer
Walter Impert
Eli Kumekpor
Creighton “Chip” Magid
Robert Moser
James P. Murphy
John Patnaude
Anthony Peterson
L. Darrell Powell
Ann Ramsay-Jenkins
Deborah Rosen
Kathleen A. Ross, Ph.D.
Craig Sanders
John Welch

The College Success Foundation Board of Directors