COVID-19 Response: Supporting Students Through Challenging Times

Dear CSF Family,

These are challenging times. We all share similar concerns about the health and safety of our families, friends and communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The health and safety of our staff, students and communities is of the utmost importance. This value shapes the proactive steps we have taken, informed by the best guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Washington State Department of Health.

Difficult decisions have required closing all K-12 schools, universities and college campuses throughout Washington state to prevent community spread. Similarly, CSF has also closed our offices and required staff to work remotely.

Unfortunately, the underserved students we support are hardest hit by these major disruptions and face new and mounting barriers to their success. They need the full support of the community, now more than ever.

We remain laser-focused on our mission and have adapted our supports and services to best support students, schools and districts in these challenging times.

For CSF Scholars in middle school and high school, we have transitioned our student communications to electronic formats including texting, email and other group communication platforms. We remain in direct and regular communication with our students, schools and districts as we support students through new and creative ways to help bridge the gap.

For CSF Scholars in college, CSF advisors have unique remote advising tools to help students overcome academic, social, emotional and financial barriers. They are helping students adjust to the lost sense of community and association that a school campus can provide. And as many college students face housing and food insecurity challenges, we are already seeing a surge in emergency funding requests to help them find a place to live or stable access to food.

It is early and we do not yet know every need of our students, but we are asking for your help. We know this pandemic is having a devastating impact on so many of our students and their families.

With this in mind, we have established the CSF COVID-19 Student Support Fund to help us remain nimble and provide flexibility to meet the needs of our students through this evolving and unprecedented situation. 

There is no doubt that there are big challenges ahead, but I know we are collectively up to the task. Please donate to our CSF COVID-19 Student Support Fund today.

Thank you for supporting CSF and for keeping our students and their families’ health and safety top of mind. Take care of yourself and your family. I look forward to seeing you in person in the near future.


James Dorsey, President & CEO

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